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  • Upto Peak 50 Horse Power
  • 11 Kw Battery
  • Upto 210 Nm Torque at each wheel
  • Upto 110 Km Range
  • 0-60 Km < 4sec Acceleration
  • 6 Hrs Charging Time

Performance and mileage may vary by model. The displayed drivable distance may vary depending on the external factors such as speed, weather conditions and road conditions.

your needs are our tech solutions

We know exactly what you need, and strive every step of the way to give you just how you want it. Engineered with an aim to give you an experience that you deserve. Xplore comes with three technologies that together make it what it is

1 Direct-Drive Hub Motors
Power Up

Xplore has each of its wheels equipped with direct-drive hubmotors which help the vehicle achieve 40 hp peak power.

Go Noise Free

The silent motors make Xplore the quietest, letting you to enjoy stealth trips in the wild without affecting the wildlife or to have undisturbed conversations with your fellow riders without any noise.


The in-wheel motor technology eliminates the need for numerous mechanical components, thus, helping you save on the maintenance cost by facilitating better handling.

Take Control

The hub motors with their regenerative braking technology, not just help you extend your battery range but also act as a hill descent control, giving you better control while riding.

2 2000 Watt Charger

Equipped with a 2000 watt AC charger which can be easily pluqqed into a 15 amp electrical outlet, Xplore's standard charging time is 5-6 hrs. You can also purchase a Type 2 connector for connecting to a public AC charging network, as per your requirements.

3 4 Drive Modes

With the 4 drive modes-2WD Eco, 2WD Boost, 4WD Eco and 4WD Boost. You can optimise the power for the task at hand.

Convineience at your fingertips

Designed to empower you in every way possible, this app with its sleek design, seamless user experience and best-in-class features gives you the data of your vehicle at the press of a button. The Bluetooth app using an advanced diagnostics technology helps you keep tabs on vehicle diagnostics, location, remote vehicle health and more.


Adventure begins with a decision and gets better with the right companion. Well, the companion is ready, but have you made your decision yet? Conquer rough terrains, muddy lands, sandy deserts, forest regions and more, all with Xplore, a companion you will love. So, let the adventure begin


Hear the sound of wind whispering through the trees, the singina of birds and the murmur of the stream With the electric and silent Xplore, connect with the nature around you, without disturbing it.


When you have one of the fastest electric ATVs in the world, you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. With Xplore, reach new heights, literally and figuratively.


Want to have some thrilling or chilling time with your friends or family? Xplore with its comfortable seating for two, lets you ride with your loved ones, making your experience all the more delightful. So go for that thrilling ride up the mountain or just chill at a camp with your favourites, because the twoseater Xplore is sure to make your good times great.

specs that make us different and make a difference



  • Battery capacity 11 kWh
  • Charger & Charging time 87.6 Volts 20 Amp (6 Hrs Full Charge)
  • Range Up to 110 km on a Single Charge in Eco Mode


  • Peak Horsepower 50 hp
  • Power Modes Eco & Boost Equipped
  • Peak Torque on Wheels 210 Nm
  • 0-60 < 4sec
  • Top Speed 85kmph


  • Vehicle Dimension(LxWxH) 2350 X 1340 X 1420 mm
  • Est. Dry Weight 375 kg
  • Front rack Capacity 60 kg
  • Rear rack Capacity 75 kg
  • Wheelbase 1455mm
  • Ground clearance 300mm
  • Hitch type Standard 2 Inch (5.04 cm) ReceiverW
  • Hitch towing rating 500kg

Wheels and Brakes

  • Brakes All Four, Ventilated Front Disc & Rear Disc Brakes
  • Front Tyres 25 x8-12, 6 Ply Rating Radial Tyres
  • Rear Tyres 25 x 10-12; 6 Ply Rating Radial Tyres
  • Wheels Alloy Wheels

Wheels and Brakes

  • Motor type In-Wheel Direct Drive Motor
  • Drive system type True On-Demand AWD/2WD with Torque Vectoring
  • Engine Braking System(EBS) Regenerative Braking System