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  • Todays Ambient air pollution accounts for an estimated 4.2 million deaths per year due to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, acute and chronic respiratory diseases (world health organization). This has resulted in many individuals and industries coming together to switch towards sustainable mobility
  • In the off road utility vehicles space the transition towards electrification is extremely low. These vehicles due to their high performance requirement, emit high level of emission CO- 40 (g/kwh) and sound above 85 DB which can be extremely harmful to the operator of the machine and its surroundings.
  • Powerland is focused on creating sustainable mobility solutions in this space that can help shift consumer mindsets and inspire more companies to fundamentally change the way they operate.
  • May it be using your ATVs for leisure or Utility, The average running cost of Powerland electric ATV is 1/5th the cost of an Gasoline ATV giving you “deep pockets”.
Lets Explore the nature responsibly
with our all Electric  ATV's and UTV's
Smart Systems

Powerland uses high power batteries giving on demand power to its quad wheel motors without compromising on its range.


Powerland uses App to Monitor the status of the vehicle and also for diagnostics

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We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products that truly make a difference. We’ve worked on so many exciting projects for companies across the India and worldwide, each one as unique as the next. For every project we always focus on the individual needs of our clients and strive to achieve something that we’re proud to put our name to.
  • DRDO needed a compact stealth off-road vehicle with autonomous capability for Indian Military forces
  • UP police purchased 5 powerland atvs to patrol on the soft soil of kumbh mela 2019. Later the vehicles were shifted to UP ATS.
  • An oilfield servicing company rendering an entire range of services on prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits
  • It is used by the BAJA SAE India track marshals in 2020 for the endurance race at the NATRiP facility in Pithampur.
  • IEEE need electric 4x4 Utility vehicles for labor and goods movement in AFRICA for SMART VILLAGE PROJECT.
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