How it All Began..

Powerland Agro Tractor Vehicles Private Limited (PATVPL), a private limited company incorporated on 15th January 2014 under the Companies Act, 1956 aims at changing the landscape of the utility and farming Industry in India by launching India’s first diesel multi utility all-terrain farm vehicle (ATV) at competitive price.

"Where Utility meets Necessity" - Mr. Narayan Naik

The company founder Mr. Narayan P. Naik realised there was a major scarcity of labour, Alongside maintaining an animal was a critical problem in the farming sector, he found there was a plenty of scope in horticulture & floriculture sector. To overcome this difficulty in the year 2014, he along with his sons Mr. Jeet & Tej Naik set on a journey to develop Powerland 900d.


Mr. Narayan naik has been in plastic industry for the past 30 years in manufacturing ropes and twines, he is also an auto enthusiast. Mr Tej Naik, who is Narayan’s younger son completed his education from Cardiff, Wales returned to Goa, India to establish a unit that manufactured fibreglass auto components. Tej always wanted to add value to the lives of the Indian hinterland, namely the ‘Farming Sector’.

The companies 1st challenge was to source and develop a fuel efficient powerful diesel engine which can meet the current emission norms. After testing various diesel engines Powerland have opted for an imported 800cc v-twin liquid cooled engine with an ECU and electronic fuel governor which can give more than 20 kms per litre. The engine is certified under” Bharat Stage trem III A” and the tractor has been homologated under central motor vehicles rules (CMVR).


Powerland plans to increase its product portfolio by rolling out two new models. In the 1st year it plans to launch a new variant with updated features. In 2018 it will be launching another ATV tractor in electric which will help in reducing farmers per km cost to Rs 1.

This type of ATV tractor’s is popular among farmers with gasoline engine in many countries and there is a huge potential to offer it to farmers with diesel & electric powertrain. Our aim is to “Make in India” at a competitive price and target different markets across the globe in the near future.

Powerland has also drawn interest and is in talks with the defence ministry to provide stealth vehicles , The ATV tractor can be also used for other activities beach patrolling, forestry & fire fighting.

At present the company is based in Verna industrial estate, Goa. At this facility the company conducts R&D and assembly operation. Powerland plans to set up a full fledge manufacturing unit by 2020 and achieve more than 50% indigenization.