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Our Story

Powerland is based in the beautiful home town of the founder – Goa at Verna industrial estate. Manufacturing ATV tractors (All Terrain Utility Vehicles) for agriculture, defense and adventure sports segment, founded by a young entrepreneur, Mr Tej Naik at the age of 24.

Tej’s father, Mr. Narayan Naik, an ardent fan of automobiles, had a dream of entering the automotive space way back in 2000. ATVs are used in a big way for farming in international markets, India being one of the largest agriculture producing nations, He wanted to import ATVs from one of the largest ATV brands in the world and sell them in India for farm use. However, this dream was left unfulfilled due to the high cost of imports.

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Tej Naik with father Mr Narayan Naik

In 2014, his son, Mr. Tej Naik finished his post-graduation from Cardiff University, Wales and returned back to India. Automobile lover, just like his father, he decided to fulfill his father’s dream. As a solution to the problem of infeasibility, Tej decided to manufacture the vehicles locally to cut down the cost and make the product affordable for Indian consumers.

And that’s how the brand Powerland was born Powerlandatv.com . Today, Powerland is making ATV Tractors in India and exporting globally, following not just the founder’s fathers’ dream but also the vision of our honorable Prime Minister.The brand entered the market in 2017 with its 1st road legal Diesel ATV tractor.Soon Powerland ATVs became a choice of many, not just in the farming sector but also in the forests and adventure sports space. From here on, there was no looking back.


In 2019 the team took a decision towards a long term vision of sustainable future and decided to develop a product which not only catered to India but the world market. And, that’s how Powerland’s Electric ATV Tractor which is one of the fastest and best in terms of performance in the world was born.

Powerland electric atvs are designed considering the customer preferences of being silent, lower maintenance cost and better performance.The team at Powerland is trying to make a small contribution to the environment, by introducing electric ATV Tractor for utility and pleasure that could be majorly used in farms and be charged on solar helping in bringing down the overall emission rate.


The company is run by a dynamic team of 25 young brains.

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Tej Naik

About the founder

Mr. Tej Naik, Managing Director.

Powerland ATV Born and raised in a business family in Goa, Mr. Tej Naik has always been an innovator with curiosity to create new products. Being a post-graduate with an MBA degree from Cardiff University, UK, Tej has interned with AMEC Group in China before starting Powerland in India in the year 2014. With over 10 years of experience in operations and management with specialisation in lean operations, for over 8 years, Tej has enabled Powerland’s three-fold growth in global markets. His goal is to make India- the largest exporter of Electric ATVs and make Goa the manufacturing hub for electric ATV Tractors also known as electric quad bikes in Europe.

As a passionate car enthusiast, Tej has won several accolades for his passion for cars and has also won National Amaron Karting Championship in 2007.

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Narayan Naik

About his father

Narayan Naik, also the co-founder.

Mr. Narayan Naik has an experience of 30+ years in setting up and running manufacturing businesses. During the Portuguese era in Goa, Mr. Narayan Naik’s family was in the business of import of Peugeot cars – something that developed his interest in cars from his childhood. After obtaining a graduate degree, he took his passion to a professional level and started a small garage where he would restore and sell imported vehicles. After which he decided to explore business prospects in other industries such as fishing nets and ropes. In 2019, he ventured again into fishnets manufacturing by starting Granfisher Nets Pvt. Ltd., employing over 100 people.

But his love for automobiles and a dream of entering the automotive space was revived by his son by founding Powerland, where Mr. Narayan is now a co-founder and a guiding light.

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Amit Santra


With a Strong desire to create the future of transportation, Mr Amit Santra has always believed in progress through passion, Receiving Mr Narayan Naik as a mentor has illuminated a whole new perspective in Automobile Industry. Holding a Master’s Degree in Automotive Technology he commenced the electric ATV project, he is a technology expert at putting ideas into action, He also plays a pivotal role in New Business Development and Talent building.

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Sri Surya


A rock solid personality who always stays calm and solves critical problems in the most chaotic situation, Having Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Mr Surya Bhramaji plays important role of integration engineer In production of vehicles, end to end understanding of the product and ability to improvise the system makes him unstoppable at Powerland.

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Thomas Mayer, ILAFA eG Radolfzell

European Office

To achieve its goal of becoming the world's #1 provider of electric ATVs, Powerland has chosen Zero Center to exclusively distribute the entire Powerland product line to major European countries.

Zero Center, located at Lake Constance in Germany, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the global distribution business. They manage and distribute an exciting range of state-of-the-art electric vehicles throughout Europe. Zero Center addresses the entire value chain, from marketing to create brand awareness and customer demand, to selling the products to dealers and customers, to logistics and after-sales services.

Most importantly, Zero Center and Powerland share the same vision. A vision that electric vehicles will be present in every home - worldwide.

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